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A Pretty Odd Bunny Update v1.1

2015-03-22 10:30:16 by otrora


First of all, I want to thank you all for the positive feedback, you guys have been quite helpful. I'm so glad that a lot of you liked the game and since you seems to have found more bugs than bunnies in it, I thought it would be cool to fix some of those.

Here is what I did:

Bug #1 (Level 22 unintended shortcut): I retouched the design so you couldn't cheat on this one.

Bug #2 (Strange Line of Sight bevavior): Corrected the Line of Sight of some bunnies so it should be more fair now.

Bug#3 (Ghost Bunny on last level): This one was quite odd. I think I managed to fix it, but try it and let me know)

Bug#4 (Going through solid platforms): This one could be something related to Construct2. Sadly it is beyond my knowlege, so sorry about that.

Additionaly I've added WASD support for you lefties. Have fun!

Again, thank you so much for the support!!


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